2002 Winter Olympic Skiing Schedule

Bode- Park City SS

It's definitely worth the trip to Salt Lake to catch the best athletes in the world tearing down some of the most challenging courses in the world. Tickets are still available for most of events as are hotel rooms and flights. Here's the line up for alpine and freestyle skiing.

Alpine Skiing

At Snowbasin Ski Area:

Men's Downhill, Monday, Feb. 10

Women's Downhill, Wednesday, Feb. 11

Men's Combined, Thursday, Feb. 13

Women's Combined, Saturday, Feb. 14

Men's Super G, Sunday, Feb. 16

Women's Super G, Wednesday, Feb. 17

At Deer Valley Resort:

Women's Slalom, Thursday, Feb. 20

Men's Slalom, Saturday, Feb. 23

At Park City Mountain Resort:

Men's Giant Slalom, Friday, Feb. 21

Women's Giant Slalom, Saturday, Feb. 22

Freestyle Skiing

At Deer Valley Resort:

Women's Moguls, Tuesday, Feb. 9

Men's Moguls, Saturday, Feb. 12

Women's Aerials, Final, Tuesday, Feb. 18

Men's Aerials, Final, Tuesday, Feb. 19