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An avalanche on Mt. Ruepehu, NZ.

Footage from Verbier, Switzerland.[pagebreak]

Alta Avalanche from Heli

Here's an avalanche in-bounds at Alta, Utah. Thanks to patrollers, skiers can ride the mountain safely.[pagebreak]

Ridiculous Slide

Massive slide rips apart everything in its path.[pagebreak]

Skier Hit in Norway

Confidence will only get you into trouble...[pagebreak]

Avy at Marmot Basin

Avy control at Marmot Basin.[pagebreak]

Watch it Grow, Mt. Ruepehu

An absolutely unbelievable slide at Mt. Ruepehu, NZ.[pagebreak]

POV from Val d'Isere

One lucky skier![pagebreak]

Ophir, Colorado

Avalanche control near Ophir, Colorado.[pagebreak]

Snowboarder Caught

A snowboarder gets caught by a big slide.[pagebreak]

Big Slide in the Alps

A huge slide in the Alps.[pagebreak]

Otis Peak

This video was shot during an ascent of a couloir on the south side of Otis Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.[pagebreak]

Snoqualmie Pass

Avalanche control on Snoqualmie Pass, WA.[pagebreak]

Juneau, AK

Just south of Juneau AK, an avalanche coming down the west slope of Mount Roberts. State avalanche control crew fired artillery at Mount Roberts from across Gastineau Channel. The artillery shots caused a massive avalanche that enveloped about 300 yards of highway about two miles from downtown Juneau.
Video: Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation[pagebreak]

Mt. Olympus, NZ

Skier kicks off a slab at the top of a tight couloir on Mt. Olympus, NZ,[pagebreak]


A montage of avalanches from around the world.For current avalanche conditions near you go to Avalanche.org.