Skiing Magazine: September 2008

Find everything from the September issue here: the 2009 Gear Guide, Avy stats, Cat-skiing, Get Schooled, and more.

A Killer Season

(p. 36)

This past winter was a banner year for snowfall - and avalanches.

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Swift. Silent. Deep.

(p. 40)

A new documentary about the legendary – and recently controversial – Jackson Hole Air Force.

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The Edge of Never

(p. 42)

A new book looks at ski mountaineering and the Petersen family saga.

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Ode to the Ski Commute

(p. 46)

Even driving to the hill is special.

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Do I really need to tune my skis?

(p. 54)

An argument between someone who fixes skis - Greg Guras - and someone who breaks them - Ingrid Backstrom.

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Retallack Lodge Cat-Skiing

(p. 62)

Untracked lines via a remote cat-skiing operation deep within British Columbia's Selkirk Range.

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Throw a Rodeo 540

(p. 68)

Freeskier John Symms shows you how to throw a rodeo 540.

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Charge Exposed Terrain

(p. 70)

Sun Valley's Erik Roner shows you how to handle exposed terrain.

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DIY: Fix a Core Shot

(p. 72)

Ski-repair expert Bryan Taylor shows you how to fix that huge chunk that’s missing from your ski.

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2009 Gear Guide

(p. 97)

It took eleven months to bring this to you. Last October, we began to plan the logistics, assemble the test crew, select the right venue, revisit our methodology, and assemble test entries. Not every ski you'll see in shops is reviewed here. Why? Ski companies submit only their best models. We test all of those, but review only the top performers - the best of the best.

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Time to Upgrade

(p. 100)

One tenth of skiers buy new equipment every year, according to SnowSports Industries America. The remaining 90 percent replace their gear about as often as the Mets win the pennant. So there’s a good chance that your favorite skis have been discontinued, renamed, or reinvented. But what if you want to buy new boards that perform like your old faithfuls? Here are five classic skis from seasons past, paired with their improved heirs.

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(p. 134)

2008-09s’ selection of goggles.

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(p. 135)

2008-09s’ selection of gloves.

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(p. 136)

2008-09s’ selection of helmets.

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Skiing Magazine's 2008-09 Backcountry Gear Guide

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