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The Power of One

Cold Front
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In a magical stroke of urethane foam and fiberglass alchemy, 33-year-old Los Angeles broadcast designer Igor Ridanovic has singlefootedly created the most exciting advancement in monoskiing since, well, the demise of monoskiing. He calls the invention, simply, the Mono Boot.

Its not like we can widen our stance anyway, says Ridanovic, downplaying the genius behind his revolutionary 12-pound single-boot design. Ridanovic spent more than $1,000 to complete his mustard-colored prototype in 2002 before testing itin unison with his patented plastic, single-legging Mono Pantat Mountain High in Southern California last winter. The combination, which you can check out at, turned plenty of heads. The Mono Pant really adds to the Mono Boot, he says. Kids were just amazed. Others were just shocked.

At press time, the Mono Boot still had a few kinks to be worked out. David Wells, president of the U.S. Monoski Association, called the prototype woefully impractical. He makes a good point: Navigating around the lodge with a platter full of chili dogs can be a little dicey with both feet in one boot. Meanwhile, improved carving performance was questionable due to what racers know as boot out. Its a little too big, admits Ridanovic, who promises he has no plans to take his product to the marketplace. And it gets in the way of your edging, so its best on the bunny slopes.