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Elan Skis

History of Elan Skis

Based in Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia, Elan has been producing high quality skis since 1945. Rydi Finžgar, a 1941 world-record-setting ski jumper, started making skis in the 1940s for Partisan troops, and founded Elan immediately after the war ended. Since then, Elan has been on the forefront of creation and innovation in the ski industry.

In the early 1970s, Swedish racing legend Ingemar Stenmark won three back to back to back World Cups on Elan skis and put the company in the spotlight, where it stayed for years to come. Stenmark raced on Elan skis throughout his record-setting career, where he won 86 World Cups—a number yet to be topped. Elan became one of the world’s largest ski manufacturers with Stenmark leading the way, and by 1984, over 160 racers were strapped into Elan skis. Now, Elan produces skis for racers, freeskiers, touring skiers, and everyone in between.

Elan shocked the industry again in 1993 with the Elan SCX ski—the world’s first sidecut ski. This invention was the first shaped carving ski on the market, and by 1995, everyone was trying to match Elan’s standard. Elan continued to develop new technologies and designs, including Fusion, the first integrated binding system, WaveFlex skis, which optimize flex and stiffness, and the lightest women’s ski in the world. In 2017, they released their first successful foldable ski, the Ibex Tactix.

Elan Skis Today

Every Elan ski is handcrafted in their factory in Begunje na Gorenjskem. Elan has remained loyal to the sandwich construction and all of the main elements in the skis. From high quality wood cores, steel edges, Titanal reinforcements, and top sheet graphics, everything is crafted in-house. 

Elans stacked team of ambassadors includes the legend Glen Plake, ski mountaineer Caroline Gleich, and freerider Matthias Mayr. 

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