Icelantic Skis

Known for their outstanding construction and even more outstanding art, Icelantic skis look as good on the slopes during a powder day as they do framed and hanging on the wall.

History of Icelantic Skis 

Icelantic is the brainchild of childhood friends Ben Anderson and Travis Parr, and the story of their skis goes almost as far back as their 7 grade friendship does. Anderson knew he wanted to build skis at age 14, and after dropping out of college to pursue this dream, he recruited Parr, the most talented artist he knew, and the two got to work.

Together, along with two more longtime friends Travis Cook and Annelise Loevlie, they set out to create a new standard of ski. The company was officially founded in 2005, in Cook’s childhood home in Evergreen, Colo. Early on, Anderson knew that surface area would be critical to the innovative construction of his ski, ensuring speed, stability and mobility in midair. While he and Cook focused on the construction, Parr went to work creating eye-catching and meaningful art to apply to the skis, bringing them to the next level.

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The team partnered up with Never Summer, a renowned snowboard manufacturer in Denver, to ensure their skis would be durable and "bombproof". This construction, along with their one of a kind top-sheet graphics designed by Parr, are what has set Icelantic skis apart.

Icelantic Skis Today

The company embodies a “think globally, act locally” spirit, with headquarters in Golden, Colo. and all of their production happening in Colorado, while serving a global community of skiers. They have grown their distribution across the US and over 15 countries worldwide. 

This international presence would not have been achieved without Loevlie, who was named the company’s CEO in 2013 and is one of the most successful women in the ski industry today. Under her leadership, Icelantic opened their flagship store in Golden, where they display Parr’s art, sell skis and gear, and invite everyone to come meet the creative minds behind the brand. They have also teamed up with Conservation Colorado to help protect public lands, and have adopted #ReturnToNature as their guiding philosophy.

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