2.4 Hours of Aspen Prevails

Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based KGB Productions has a new ski movie out next fall called Wyoming Triumph. Check out the film trailer below, and our interivew with KGB producer Sam Pope on the next few slides.Most ski films travel all over the world to get footage. But you stayed in Wyoming. Why was that? Sam Pope: This concept developed over several years of taking small trips here and there around Wyoming, including  the Wind Rivers, the Wyoming Range, the Snake River Range, the Gros Ventres, the Absorokas, even the west side of the Tetons. We began to realize that there was something special here. The other part of it is just what you said. Other production companies are going on these insanely exotic ski trips all over the world. We want to make the point that we have terrain that good, right here in our backyard of Wyoming. Kind of a "keep it local" thing. The skiing just as good, but the experience is a little more organic. And that's important to us. 

Aspen, CO, Dec. 23, 1999--World class athletes racing down the same run without pause for 24 hours demands a solid snow base. In early December, just days before the grueling 24 Hours of Aspen race for charity, officials examined the course and deemed it unsafe due to a lack of snow. Undaunted, the 2.4 Hours of Aspen race on Dec. 11, and other fundraising events prevailed.

Bombing down Aspen's Little Nell slope, 53 children ages 6-14, with a minimum of $25 in pledges, raced to support the Kids Stuff Foundation and the Aspen Valley Ski/Snowboard Club. At the end of 2.4 hours of racing the children raised $4,937 which was matched by Elk Mountain Motors/Audi bringing the total amount raised to $9,874.

Later that evening, the 12th Annual Gulfstream 24 Hours of Aspen gala dinner and auction raised over $600,000 for the Silver Lining Foundation and the Aspen Valley Ski/Snowboard Club.

The Silver Lining Foundation gives children with life threatening medical conditions a visit to Aspen for a week of fun. On a local front the Aspen Valley Ski/Snowboard Club provides financial aid to children in the Roaring Fork Valley so they can participate in winter sports.