#5: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

adventure guide: jackson

Saying that Jackson Hole offers opportunities for adventure is like saying Vegas offers opportunities to lose money. The place will take as much from you as it gives. Our advice? Let it. Let it draw the best out of you. Let it send you back to your condo hammered and humbled.

Going to Jackson without skiing the whole of it is like going to Hawaii without hitting the beach. Even on a morning when you step out of the tram into a wind that'd blow the hair off a bison, Rendezvous Mountain presents you with a thousand different reminders of why you took up skiing. If that's not enough, Jackson's out of bounds was recently made more accessible.

Powder day? Forget Corbet's -- unless you've never done it, in which case you should hurl your ass in there at least once so you don't have to lie back at the office. Otherwise, get up early and get lost weaving through the fog on Rendezvous Bowl, get sketched out trying to make that first turn down the Expert Chutes, then get face shots in the Hobacks, air in Toilet Bowl, and speed and sun on Werner. Make first tracks in the Cirque and last tracks in Saratoga; whatever comes in between is gravy. Hit Pepi's Run and Bernie's Bowl, and live happily ever after. There's your day.

Play: Restaurants and bars in Teton Village are limited, but one good night at the Mangy Moose could change your life. In town, the old Denny's is now the Rendezvous Bistro. Hit the Jackson Hole Brew Pub for a beer.

Stay: Try the Alpine House B&B in town or the Inn at Jackson Hole in Teton Village.

Save the Date: The Cowboy Ski Challenge, Feb. 9-10, features horse-drawn, big-air skijoring.

888-DEEP-SNOW; www.jacksonhole.com