A Different Kind of Carve

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Breckenridge, CO, Feb. 6, 2001--Winter in the mountains is unarguably beautiful. Some people grab their boards or jump on a snowmobile to enjoy the breathtaking and breath-freezing scenery. Others reach for a pick and trowel and selflessly create something beautiful and unique, which will surely disappear at season's close.

Breckenridge Ski Resort hosted the 11th annual International Snow Sculpture Championships on Saturday, Jan. 20, 2001. Teams from around the world converged on the town and devoted over 65 hours to create their works of art. With the aid of the Town of Breckenridge Public Works Department and the ski resort, debris-free snow was manufactured and then transported into 10X10X12 foot forms. An army of local volunteers stomped the snow to assure it was free of cracks or holes. Then, the artists went to work.

The Swiss team took the first place medal, carving up the field of 14 teams with their piece, entitled, "Circle of Life." Team Russia took second place with "Izba Spa," while the Canada-Quebec team captured the third place medal for "Nylon Island."

The sculptures will stand for as long as the weather permits. For information, call 970-453-6018.