Aesthetics and Ambiance

Mountain Life

As skiers, we're apt to enjoy not only the challenge of the slopes but also the comfortable trappings of a classic mountain lodge at day's end. A sumptuous new volume, "Ski Style," by Simon McBride and Alexandra Black, pays homage to the elements that embody high-altitude haute, both European and American. Subtitled "Alpine Interiors, Architecture & Living Style in Ski Resorts from Aspen to St. Moritz," the book features design-magazine-quality photos of high-end chalets, cabins and hotels, as well as commentary exploring the various incarnations of ski style. Included are the traditional Swiss alpine architecture of St. Moritz, Gstaad and Klosters; the Italian elegance of Cortina; and the western flair of Aspen. What all have in common is a blurred line between indoors and out, with design and decor that integrate the spirit of sun, views and pristine air. Price: $50; Scriptum Editions;