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Agility Shuffle


Whether you're battling four other skiers through gates, tabletops, and berms in a skiercross like Eric Archer or just tackling a mogul field at Vail, you need quick feet and powerful legs. To ready yourself for either task, Archer suggests a side-to-side agility shuffle.

How To: With tape, mark a lane about 12 feet wide. Start on one side in a squatting position, then explode off the outside foot, shuffling sideways to the other mark. Plant the outside foot, squat down, and touch the ground. "Don't break at the waist," says Archer, "sink down at the knees and hips." Then pop off that foot, shuffling back to the start. "For me, the rhythm is 'shuffle, shuffle, plant; shuffle, shuffle, plant,'" he says.

Form: Throughout the exercise, keep your spine aligned, your head and chest up, and your hands outfor balance.

Reps & Sets: Go for 30 seconds, as hard as you can. Do three sets.

The Benefit: This move builds quad, hip, abductor, and adductor strength; works the cardiovascular system; and improves agility while simulating the lateral movement of skiing.

5'10"; 175 lbs.
Claim to fame: 1992 NCAA GS Champion; 2001 World Skiercross Champion; 2001 Powder 8 Champion.
Fit thought: "In the gym, I listen to loud music. I crank Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Kid Rock. It helps with my energy level, gets the adrenaline going."