Arapahoe Basin Environmental Update


Arapahoe Basin, Colo. Feb. 20, 2001 (Arapahoe Basin)--To help kick-off the National Ski Area Association's Sustainable Slopesoutreach campaign this Saturday, February 24 and to show Arapahoe Basin'ssupport of the program, ski area management would like to communicate a listof environmentally friendly efforts the area undertakes and uses asoperational standards.

To set the groundwork for the environmental program, A-Basin has adopted the following "Arapahoe Basin Environmental Policy":

"As stewards of an exceptional mountain environment, Arapahoe Basin Ski Areais committed to providing quality outdoor recreation experiences. Our staffand guests realize Arapahoe Basin is a priceless natural treasure. Westrive to continually improve our environmental performance in order toprovide enjoyment of Arapahoe Basin for future generations of snow andmountain enthusiasts."

To carry out the policy, the management staff has created the "ArapahoeBasin Environmental Principles" emphasizing three focus areas.

1) ThePlanning, Design, and Construction principle explores ways of integratingoperations into natural systems and addressing impacts to natural resources.
2) The Operations principle recognizes responsibility for stewardship andconservation of natural resources including: water, energy conservation anduse, waste management, fish and wildlife, forest and vegetative management,wetlands and riparian areas, air quality, visual quality, andtransportation.
3) The Education and Public Outreach Principle promotesenvironmental education and awareness to its guests, its employees, and thesurrounding community.

Some of Arapahoe Basin's recent environmental accomplishments include:

1. Began project with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environmentto evaluate current practices and implement positive changes in solid wastereduction, energy efficiency, hazardous waste minimization, and waterconservation.
2. Created an extensive recycling program including paper, glass, plastic, aluminum, waste oils, light bulbs, and batteries.
3. Purchased a vehicle parts washer that uses no hazardous materials andconverts oils and grease to recyclable forms.
4. Funded Boreal Toad Survey in the North Fork of the Snake River watershedto help define a baseline for sensitive species.
5. Provided financial support to the Summit Stage bus system to encouragemass transit.
6. Donated funds to Summit County Open Space and Trails.

A few of our goals for 2001 are:

1. Prepare and implement purchasing guidelines to reduce waste and minimizeuse of hazardous materials.
2. Complete energy audit and institute changes that will reduce energyconsumption.
3. Offer washable and reusable cups in the cafeteria.
4. Dedicate a portion of the Arapahoe Basin website to our environmentalprogram.
5. Replace Lenawee Lift while:

avoiding placement of towers in wetlands

avoiding ridgeline development

using energy efficient motors

minimizing tree removal and impacts to wildlife.
6. Improve "Beach" recycling and garbage programs.
7. Provide discounted lift tickets for people that carpool.Being on the environmental forefront will be neither easy nor cheap. TheBasin staff recognizes just how special a place Arapahoe Basin is. Guestsand employees should accept nothing less than excellence when it comes toprotecting natural ecosystems. According to Alan Henceroth, Director ofMountain Operations, "We are committed to constantly improving ourenvironmental performance and minimizing our environmental impacts. Theemployees of Arapahoe Basin look forward to being environmental leaders."For additional information, visit the environmental kiosk located in themain lodge at the ski area or in the near future, visit A-Basin'senvironmental page on their web site at