Aspen Vice

Cold Front

Most of us know don johnson as sonny Crockett, the Ferrari-and-speedboat-driving stud on Miami Vice who could bust a coke cartel without wrinkling his linen suit. But to several Aspen business owners, the 53-year-old actor-producer might be better identified by the title of his 1993 box-office flop, Guilty as Sin.

Johnson, who once told a Michigan radio show, "I can do whatever I want-I'm rich, I'm famous, and I'm bigger than you," recently filed for bankruptcy to save his $22-million Aspen ranch. And he can't-or perhaps, won't-cough up the dough to pay outstanding debts to such local establishments as the Grape and Grain liquor store (where he reportedly owes $377), Clark's Market ($5,000-plus), Crystal River Spas (another $5,000), and Dish Network ($75; for reruns of Nash Bridges, we can only hope). Johnson's spokesman, Elliot Mintz, attributes the unpaid tabs to accounting errors made by the people who "write his checks." "Don's not bankrupt," says Mintz, "his company is."

Still, some creditors aren't buying the excuse. "Johnson's company didn't eat the groceries," says Tom Clark, of Clark's Market. "Don Johnson did."