Atomic Bindings 2003

Atomic Bindings 2003

Atomic, winner of the overall World Cup equipment title for skis in each of the past five years, is more system-oriented than ever. All athletes receiving race ski support from Atomic are on Atomic bindings-without exception.

Part of the company's success can be attributed to anew, integrated Race Chassis plate, made of aluminum, hardplastic and softer polymers for sensitivity and vibrationreduction. It shows up only on Atomic's high-end race andall-mountain models. Powder skis have a countersunk plate to keep you closer to the snow.

Centro 4.12
Player, AMC
This multi-fit system accepts most boot soles with the flick of a lever. The brakes fit together easily, making the skis a snap to carry, and the Centro is considerably more responsive than the lower-end Device, without added weight. Recommended.

Centro 4.12 with Chassis
Compared to the Centro alone, the extra 27 mm of lift makes this setup bulky and awkward to carry, and the brakes don't fit together easily. The added lift-great for carving on hard snow-might provide diminishing returns in soft, broken snow. Too much leverage makes it tricky to feel your way to the best edge angle.

C: 6.14
This is the heaviest and most powerful Atomic setup we tested, and it's difficult to carry in one hand. But the performance shines. The Full-Flex feature smooths the ride in broken snow. Clumps disappear, and you can dive into turns, confident the ski will make a continuous arc. Highly recommended.