Attack the Fall Line

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STEP 1: Look Before You Leap
Keep your eyes focused at least five feet ahead of your ski tips. Your feet will know where to go, and you’ll increase your confidence and control if you know what’s coming.

STEP 2: Stay In the Front Seat
You can’t drive a car from the backseat. Same goes for skiing. Flex your ankles forward to keep shin pressure on the front of your boots. Push your knees and hips forward.

STEP 3: Keep Your Hands Up
Place your arms in full view like you’re holding a fat pizza pie. If your hands are down by your pants pockets, they’ll pull your weight back and you’ll lose control.

STEP 4: Square Your Shoulders
Keep your upper body facing downhill. And don’t leave your pole plant in the past – always move it forward. Dragging your poles causes your torso to twist, which means your shoulders won’t be facing in the right direction.

STEP 5: Step It Up
Challenge yourself. Ski a run you’ve never skied before. This will boost your confidence.

When you’re standing in the lift line, flex your ankles forward and pay attention to how that affects your knees and hips. That’s a charging stance.