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Back Talk – February 2001

First Tracks

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SKIING seems to really be hurting for material and editors. Shawn Magee’s “Ball Busted” October 2000 was a disgusting piece of journalism. Do you think that is really what SKIING readers are interested in? My children read your magazine to find out about the latest equipment. Not anymore!

Carla Shockey
via the Internet

Let’s see now, in just under a year, SKIING has run articles on booze in the Mormon Temple, hookers at ski resorts, and the gay ski week at Aspen.

If you are trying to catch up with Penthouse,then you’re doing a great job. If not, then quit printing these raggy stories. I don’t fill my home with this kind of trash for my grandkids to see when we all go skiing. And, personally, I don’t want to read about the alternative lifestyles you are writing about. Stick to what you are supposed to print in a national magazine and stop trying to titillate your readers with such trash.
Alonzo F. Clayton
via the Internet

I continually look forward to the day each month when my SKIING Magazine arrives in the mail. SKIING’s talented (and hilarious) staff provides more truthful coverage of more interesting topics that relate to skiers of all ages than any of your competitors. I love to read all the letters from those people who have nothing better to do than complain about the language and content in SKIING. They give us other readers a good laugh and miss out on the best reading you can find about winter adventure anywhere. Your recommendations for value, great parties, and great snow have played a significant role in my decisions about where to ski. Your efforts should be applauded rather than nitpicked by those lacking a sense of humor.
Abby Guinan
Plymouth, New Hampshire

Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not going to complain about your magazine. This magazine is no more inappropriate than a PG movie. It’s not like it has tips on the right moves in bed; it has tips on skiing. So people, just relax and stop being so sensitive. If you can read, you’re old enough to handle an article about a prank or a picture of a beer. And if you don’t like the article, you could always turn the page.
Jamie Putnam
Albany, New York

I’d just like to let you all know that your magazine is great. I’m 15 and have been reading SKIING for five years now. As an experienced skier (11 years), I have a great appreciation for a magazine that represents the essence of skiing and the culture surrounding it. All of those parents who think SKIING is corrupting young kids should take a look at primetime TV.
Ryan Chapman
Somewhere in Alaska

I just got my newest issue of SKIING November 2000. As always, my first stop was the Back Talk section. Although it’s noble of you to publish complaints from your readers, I feel compelled to tell these people to get real.

On the topics of sex, drugs, alcohol, and language: Generations X and Y like to have fun, they swear, they drink, and we all know that sex sells — it’s used in every ad the world over. This is the new ski world. Get used to it.

On the topic of gay events: Hello! Go to any larger resort’s website — they all have gay ski weeks. It may come as a surprise to God-fearing, white, middle-class family folk out there, but you’re not the only skiers in the world.

And for those of you who’ll read this and get judgmental: I’m a 31-year-old white woman who learned to ski as an adult. I have become an avid skier. I read SKIING because it is interesting, informative, and sexy!
Kiersten Kaye
Quincy, Massachusetts

Taos marketing manager J.P. Rael was quoted in “Loose Lips” SKIING Scene, March/April 2000 as saying, “The day Kentucky Fried Chicken starts serving burgers, we’ll open to snowboarding.” Well, guess what, J.P.? KFC partnered with A&W in one Georgia location and is now serving burgers. More A&W/KFCs are planned.
Karen Walch
via the Internet

Interestingly enough, J.P. no longer works at Taos. — Ed.

I noticed a slight contradiction in the December 2000 issue. In “How Safe is Skiing?” it says that to avoid ACL injuries, “Don’t try to arrest your slide by engaging your ski edge if you fall.” Then, the Private Lessons section “Self-Arrest on the Steeps” says to engage your ski edge to arrest your slide.

To clarify, self-arrest can be life saving in narrow chutes or steep backcountry terrain but is completely unnecessary on most groomed slopes. Both articles should have included a disclaimer to that effect.
Steven Segall
via the Internet

Well said, Mr. Segall. You must pick up a lot of survival skills from all those action flicks you do. — Ed.

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