Balancing Act: Full Body



Cup step-up. Using a step platform or stair, with a glass of water in each hand, step up and down-right foot up, left up, right down, left down-without spilling a drop. Challenge: Fill cups to the brim with Dom Pérignon.

Mortal: Agility hop. Hopping on one leg at a time, trace out the pattern of the letters in your name. Try 45-second intervals. Challenge: Hop with eyes closed and spell out "Sebastian VanVingenhumpendoodle."

Buffed: Jousting. Using a six-foot rope and two step platforms positioned four feet apart, stand on the step on left foot, the rope in your right hand. Facing a partner, try to pull your partner off balance while keeping yourself upright (think tug-of-war). Switch legs.

Animal: Bongo Board (see page 118). Use a spotter and start on carpet. Place roller at left end of board; put right foot on right side of the board where the board curves; place left foot on elevated side. Slowly shift the left hip down until the roller moves toward the center of the board. Use subtle hip and foot pressure to balance the roller under the board's middle. Challenge: Shift hips from side to side, moving the roller from end to end.