Balancing Act: The Pinnacle of Balance


For balance training to be most effective, you need to be very aware of posture, says Paul Chek, founder of the C.H.E.K. Institute (Corrective High- performance Exercise Kinesiology) in Southern California. "Always work to maintain perfect postural alignment," he says. While balance training, follow these posture guidelines.

--Feet hip-width apart, legs slightly flexed at the ankles and knees.
--Shoulders in-line with your tail bone, allowing for a natural curve of the spine.
--Arms comfortably out in front, elbows away from body.
--Abdominals engaged.
--Head up, ears over shoulders, eyes focusing ahead.
--Try this posture experiment: Stand on one foot with your eyes open. Shift your focus in all different directions, then toward the horizon. Notice that balance is best when you're looking ahead. Recalling this position on the slopes will improve posture and performance.