Balancing Act: Up and Down Balance, Part 1



PHIL A French coach told us early on: “Stand up on the flats. Get short on the steeps.” Where terrain doesn’t challenge you so much, stand taller, relax and ride a flatter ski (A-C). This is cruising. But remember that standing up is about releasing edge, not creating more edge. When it’s steep, and you need greater edge angle, drive with your legs and get lower (D-F).

STEVE Racers learn, if they don’t know it already, that you gain time on the flats. Using less edge lets you speed up (A-C). Steeps are places where you control speed. In a race, of course, you want to slow down as little as possible. So the idea is to carry all the momentum you can across the flats (D-F). Inexperienced racers and other skiers who accelerate too much on the steeps often crash.