Balancing Act: Upper-Body



Wall push-up. Stand slightly more than an arm's distance from wall; place hands on wall slightly wider than shoulders; keeping neutral upright posture, do a push-up. Challenge: Try it with one arm, and look out Demi.

Mortal: Minitramp push-up. Place hands shoulder-width apart on the tramp; extend legs behind; raise and lower chest, keeping back aligned.

Buffed: Wheelbarrow. In a push-up position, have a partner grasp your ankles; walk on hands while partner guides your lower body. Try 30-second intervals. Challenge: Go uphill.

Animal: Handstand. Start with a few cartwheels to get the hang of the bounding start. Stand facing a wall, about 10 feet away; take a couple easy bounds toward the wall; place hands on the ground about 8-12 inches from the wall, and allow momentum to whip your feet up against the wall. It's a good idea to have a spotter on this one. Shoot for 10-second intervals. Challenge: Add a push-up.