Ball Busted

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It began like any other innocent college prank. Three Cal Tech students, Max Kullberg, Nick Lorenzen, and David Marcus, rode up a lift at Mammoth Mountain, got buck-ass nekid, and streaked the lift line straight to the base lodge.

Mammoth security head Lisa Baker, responding to complaints of "men exposing themselves" in front of the children's ski school--Woollywood--intercepted them as they ran for their getaway car, eventually pinning Lorenzen's naked body against a parked van. The van's owner, aghast, reportedly yelled, "Get his penis off my van!"

Then things got ugly. Baker claimed assault; the boys claimed harassment. The police showed, the three streakers were arrested for felony indecent exposure, and Lorenzen was additionally charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon (um, his skis). Cooler heads prevailed in court, and in the end the boys got off with small fines and community service.

Despite the light spanking, the streakers remain spiteful. "We may have violated the law, but the law is silly," says Lorenzen. "Nobody is hurt by some genitalia whizzing down a mountain."