Beer Valley


Deer Valley isn't exactly the party capital of skidom, this we know. But the debauchery that took place during a "Heaven and Hell" house party last April should secure it the award for having the season's most notorious party.

Despite rumors of drugs and pornography ("Some people in skimpy lingerie were getting a little silly, but there wasn't any sex," claims K.C. Norris of TranceMission, the party's Park City¿based organizer), the real action started when the property owner, Dawn Santos, caught wind of the event and did her best to poop the party. "She even tried to take our DJ's turntables and throw them off the deck," says Norris.

When the cops showed, a copy of the rental agreement was produced and Santos was kicked out of her own house. In the end, legal action was taken to eliminate short-term rentals among Deer Valley homeowners, but that night in April the party raged on.