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Best Bargains 2003: Tips for Ski Country


In addition, remember these time-tested tips:

Think early-season and late-season for the biggest price breaks.

Buy lift tickets in bulk at multiresort companies such as Vail Resorts and the American Skiing Company. (In most cases: The more days you purchase, the cheaper the cost per day.)

Cash in frequent flier miles (which, by using certain credit cards, you can get from buying groceries and gas, as well as flying) for flights and lodging.

Join a ski club that provides access to group rates and carpools or shuttles.

Middle-agers' discounts are increasing. The United Airlines Silver Wings program, for example, offers discounted fares (up to 50 percent) for fliers 55 and older ( The Over The Hill Gang is another group that offers economically priced day-trips (

Contact one of SKITOPS member tour operators (, many of whom can customize trips, using bulk-buy leverage to offer reduced rates.

Skiing midweek almost always means a deal. Keep in Mind:

Unless otherwise specified, the packages we list are per person, based on double occupancy and do not include taxes or gratuities.

Many are based on availability.

You can often add days to certain packages, but refund and cancellation policies vary.

Canadian prices here are listed in U.S. dollars at a $1.55 conversion rate, ($1 U.S. = $1.55 CAN), but are subject to change.

Before you book any trip, we strongly recommend you call to confirm the details.