Best Of: "I Was, Like, the Gov, Bro."


The life trajectory of a ski bum usually involves a wistful glance back at a wild youth from the seated perspective of a serious job. Not so for Gary Johnson. Sure, he did a mid-’70s stint as a ski instructor. But then he became a construction magnate and, later, a two-term governor of New Mexico (Republican, 1995-2002). And now? He’s a ski bum-albeit a rich one-at Taos. Check him out: deep tan, moptop, faded jeans. And what’s that funny-looking leaf on his coffee table? But while Johnson, now 51, is an unabashed pro-doper (the Libertarian party asked him to run for president), he’s no slouch. He’s competed in five Ironmans and summited Denali and Everest. More to the point, last winter Johnson skied 110 days. “In 1976 I thought, ‘there’s more to life than riding a chairlift,'” he says. “I’ve since discovered that there isn’t.”