Best Of: Romper Stomper


Perplexed by mainland Euros in heinous one-pieces, Bob Holt, a British molecular biologist, began documenting the species he calls “romper-suited tossers. He and his “dedicated romper hunters started taking surreptitious photos of the perpetrators, and then posted the images on fluorescentrompersuits.co.uk. Log on for keen observations (“they often travel in packs), distinctly British fashion critiques (“you’re wearing a f–king big fluorescent all-in-one baby garment for f–k’s sake), and helpful hunting tips (“when attempting to enter a romper’s zone of fluorescence, it is always safer to approach from behind). This winter, Holt will be living in the Rockies, where, he notes, “most of the badly dressed skiers seem to wear camouflage or jeans and a cowboy hat. We’ll be addressing that soon.