Best of Summer

Best Mountain Biking

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

Whoever said that was probably not a skier. But it's not half-bad advice. After all, snow melts. It's an unavoidable frustration of the ski life. The mountains, though, they stay put, offering all the adventure you can take. In fact, you could spend the entire year ferreting out the best mountain bike trails, swimming holes, hiking routes and festivals in high country-yet still barely scratch the surface.

But you don't have that kind of time-snow falls as early as September in some parts. So we did the digging-and riding and golfing and sunning and spending-to sort out the top of the top (literally) for SKI's first-ever Best of Summer roundup. Where's the most eye-popping view from a golf hole? The most sinful massage in the Great Outdoors? You get the idea. Set your sights high this summer. There's plenty to keep you busy till the snow comes back around.

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