Best Way to Conquer (or Perhaps Cheat) the Canadian Rockies


Bugaboo Lodge Heli-Hiking, Canadian Mountain Holidays

OK, so you get a little help on the uptake. That doesn't minimize the staggering views at 10,000 feet in the Canadian Rockies' Bugaboo Range. As picnic spots go, this may be the world's most glorious: On a ledge 200 feet above the toe of the monstrous Anniversary Glacier, Canadian Mountain Holidays' heli-hikers steep themselves in snow-capped vistas while enjoying a lunch worthy of the setting. Whisked to and fro in Bell 212 helicopters, hikers stroll flower-strewn meadows, peek down glacial mill wells, skip rocks on a placid alpine lake and survey the range from its roof-and that's on a typical day. From $1,842 for three nights; 800-661-0252;