Best Woman to Bring...Oh, Never Mind

Best of 0903

Have You Hugged Your Pimp Today?

At Extremely Canadian's annual season kick-off party, held each December at Merlin's Bar in Blackcomb, the top prize for the wildest act of the night is a two-day heli-ski trip for two. In year one, a guy with a Dungeness crab on his crotch yelling, "I'm going to give you crabs!" lost out to a naked ski instuctor. Ho hum. Last December, Pimp 'n' Ho was the theme, and the victorious Leanne Lamoureux, raised the bar (so to speak). In a letter to Skiing, Lemoureux described how the night went down: "I turned to my boyfriend, Dave, and said 'You want to go heli-skiing?' He enthusiastically agreed to go on stage so I could perform my legendary oral act!" Sadly, Lemoureux drank a little too much on the heli trip (incessantly screaming, "I'm going skiing!" till the wee hours), slept in, and missed out on all the powder. Tough luck for Miss "Lamour," as she refers to herself. But we're pretty confident that boyfriend Dave still has a big ol' smile on his face.