Better Booty: Double Leg Squats

Be Strong

“Squats help me build strength to survive in bumpy, rutted conditions, Klug says. These three exercises target every inch of your glutes, quads, and core.

A. Ball Squat: Place a ball between your back and the wall. Lower into a squat with 45-degree knee flexion, then continue lowering to 60 degrees. Squat up and down this range of motion 20 times. Hands are on your hips.

B. Ball Squat with Weight Shifting: Lower into a 45-degree squat, then shift your weight from your left leg to your right to simulate weight transfer in skiing. Repeat 10 times per side.

C. Ball Squat with Rotation: Lower into a 45-degree squat and rotate your upper body from left to right, arms extended in front of you at shoulder height. Use a medicine ball for added resistance. Repeat 15 times slowly.