Better Booty: Single Leg Squats

Be Strong

“These exercises challenge kinesthetic awareness and enhance overall balance, says Fabrocini. Muscles involved: glutes and hamstrings, quads, the muscles around the ankle, and core stabilizers in the trunk. a. Lunge: With your feet shoulder-width apart, step forward with one leg and descend until your knee reaches a 60- to 90-degree angle. Your back knee will almost touch the floor. With 80 percent of your body weight on your front leg, hold this position and pulse up and down within a two- to three-inch range for 3 seconds.

B. Tightrope Lunge: Visualize standing on a tightrope with your front and back legs aligned. Lunge forward with this decreased base of support, and pulse 20 times.

C. Lunge with Trunk Rotation: Holding a medicine ball at shoulder height and standing in a tightrope lunge position, rotate your upper body from left to right 20 times.