BEWI Renames Expos, Sets Schedule


September 6, 2006

(News Release) – BEWI Productions, producer of winter sports expos for 25 years, has renamed its popular SnowSports Expos for 2006. The winter sports extravaganzas will now be promoted as the Ski & Snowboard Expos.

Said BEWI Production president Bernie Weichsel, “The name change more directly tells our audiences what the Expos are truly about, everything having to do with skiing and snowboarding. Our exhibitors have concurred that by focusing on the words ‘ski and snowboard,’ we will more immediately draw attention to what the Expos are all about.

Weichsel added, “We used to just call them ski shows, and then snowboarding came on big, and we quickly refocused our events to incorporate that growing new sport. The industry began talking about snowsports, and we adopted that wording. But in truth, our Expo customers do not talk about ‘snowsports,’ they talk about skiing and snowboarding. Our new name reflects the reality of that.

BEWI Productions has four Ski and Snowboard Expos on its calendar this fall. The annual celebrations of skiing and snowboarding kick off in Denver, CO, and Portland, OR, Nov. 3-5 and move on to Seattle, WA, Nov. 17-19 and Boston, MA, Nov. 16-19.

Weichsel’s company is also introducing two mall shows to the fall promotional calendar this year. The Northshore SnowFest will be held Oct. 13-15 at the Northshore Mall in Peabody, MA, and the Connecticut SnowFest is set for Oct. 20-22 at the Westfarms Mall in Farmington, CT.

“We are bringing these hands-on events to the heart of key suburban markets in New England. These are areas with a lot of skiers and snowboarders, and by providing easy access to our exhibitors at these major mall venues, we are making it easy for a significant audience to shop for ski resort products while enjoying one of America’s other favorite past-times, mall shopping. We think it will be an excellent place to reach out to new, young customers at the same time, Weichsel points out.