Big Bear Mountain Merges with Snow Summit

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Bear Lake, Calif. Oct. 24, 2002--Bear Mountain Resort, formally Big Bear Mountain Resort, has teamed up with Snow Summit Ski Corporation in a merger that will combine three areas (the other being Sierra Summit) into one of the largest ski operations in California.

Snow Summit recently purchased Big Bear Mountain Resort in a marketing move that is expected to service over one million skiers during the 2002-03 season.

"This merger is exciting for us because of the fact that with the purchase of Bear Mountain Resort, we will be one of the biggest resorts in California," Director of Customer Communications, Tyson Baird said.

Big Bear Mountain Resorts will head the marketing operations and will offer an inter-changeable ski pass servicing both Snow Summit and Bear Mountain Resort. There will be restrictions with the duel pass that include holidays and Saturdays and Sundays during January and February.

A shuttle service between the two resorts is in the works, but the logistics still need to be worked out. "We are a customer service oriented company and we want to do all we can to accommodate our visitors," Baird added.

For those pass holders who purchased a Big Bear Mountain Resort pass before the sale, there will be an option for upgrade to both mountains with an added price. However, for those lucky pass holders who purchased a Snow Summit pass before the merger, you have inherited a duel pass for both mountains at no additional charge.

The two areas will also offer a daily-duel ski pass for both mountains. The same restrictions as the season pass apply.

The two mountains don't schedule a set opening day, but they are striving, barring the weather's cooperation, for the end of November to kick off the 2002-03 ski season.