Blondes Have More Runs

Blondes Have More Runs

Be blonde. That's the motto of the Ski World Championships for Blondes slated for March 8 in Söll, Austria. And if you aren't blonde? Then cheat. Race organizers not only encourage color enhancement, they provide it. "Every girl can become a blonde," says Söll spokesperson Anita Baumgartner, "just step into our blonde-coloring station in the party tent."

Event organizers have also included a wig category for skiers who have sworn off the bleach bottle, but guys hoping to compete will need more drastic enhancements (read: surgery). This is a women-only event, though the race traditionally lures plenty of male spectators.

Go ahead and make jokes (three blondes ski up to a lift line...), but this is serious business. Fastest time, not best coif, wins. And last year's champ, Austrian Claudia Pali, a former FIS racer, returns this year to defend her title. Along with the title of World's Fastest Blonde, the winner is awarded a trip to Sweden (home of the blondes). If you miss this year's event, catch the race next season, when Söll hosts the event again in mid December.