Bode Miller: Special Recovery Power

Slayin' It Illustration

Twenty-eight-year-old ski-racing phenom Bode Miller has competed in every World Cup alpine event since 2002. And he doesn't just enter races-he wins them. The New Hampshire native has collected so much metal-we're talking 65 podiums at last count-that he could fill every decayed tooth in New England. Last March, Miller, a model of quick muscle recovery if there ever was one, smoked the field in downhill, super G, GS, and slalom-

in a 16-day period

. And last season he became the first U.S. racer since Phil Mahre in 1983 to win the overall World Cup title. Who cares if he accidentally shattered the crystal trophy on the flight home from the award ceremony? Long before all that, of course, Miller had won the Junior Olympic giant slalom and super G titles by two-second margins. Not bad for a kid who shoved PowerBars in the heels of his ski boots to give himself more forward lean. Don't be surprised if Miller spanks Austria's Hermann Maier and Benni Raich, and wins every title at the Olympics in Torino. But don't expect to hear him wax poetic. Notorious for his aversion to the press, Miller chooses not to talk about his future or get too specific about his technique. That's not to say he doesn't


about it. "I use my imagination all the time," says Miller. "It's how I solve problems."

HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 210 lb.
DOB: 10/12/77
HOME MOUNTAIN: Bretton Woods, NH
SECOND OPINION: "Bode has a creative mind, great athletic skills, and a good touch for the snow. What makes it all come together for him is his confidence to do it his way." -Daron Rahlves, U.S. Ski Team member