Body by Nature

Be Strong
Fit, Feb 2005

In February 2002, Croatian Janica Kostelic became the first female skier in history to win three gold medals in one Olympic Winter Games competition. She returned to her country the most celebrated Balkan athlete of all time. But for Janica and her brother-fellow Olympic skier Ivica Kostelic-fame and honor came after years of struggle and obscurity.

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Coached by their father, Ante, the duo trained without modern equipment, substituting logs and rocks for weights, and the rugged countryside for state-of-the-art training centers. With little money, the family was forced to choose between tram tickets and hotel rooms, often sleeping in tents and refueling on pickle sandwiches while other racers dined at four-star hotels. Through it all, Ante believed nature would provide his children with everything they needed to push their bodies to their limits. His philosophy was dead-on. "On rugged terrain, you are full of adrenaline and make sudden decisions as the course changes-just like skiing," says Janica.

We asked Gary Guerriero, Olympian Eric Schlopy's trainer at the U.S. Athletic Training Center in Manhattan, to adapt the Kostelics' woods-inspired workout for you. Use it, and let the gym rats eat your dust, er, bark.