Boost Best Caption Winners

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Jon Olsson, Boost Caption

"Please, skip the grab.
—Tim Campbell

Runner Up
"You would think with all of my earnings I could afford new gear this year!"
Curtis Anthony
Torrington, CT

Honorable Mentions
"I was hoping my shorts wouldn't bunch up like this."
-Brent Ryan

"We crap short shorts.
—Christopher Washtok

The Rest
"Freeball Freefall"
"Jon tries to replace the North Star, that white light is too bright!"
Andrew Monte

Holy Hell! Where's the water?
—Jeff Dyment

"No thanks, I air dry."

"It's a bird, It's a plane...It's about to spend some time in the hospital"
Matt Esposito

"I don't know why Mom doesn't show up to these events."
Mike Hayward