Boots 1999: Who Are You?


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All-Mountain Expert
You crave variety, and you can handle anything the mountain throws at you. You ski where your posse goes, or where your whim takes you, be it bumps or groomed, trees or trails, steep-and-deep or fast-and-firm. On a good day, the only common denominators are speed and exhilaration. You need a boot that can keep up with you, wherever you take it.

What are trail maps for? To find out where the boundaries are, so you can break them. You're a soft-snow junkie, more at home in the trees than on a trail, happier on the backside of the mountain than the front. You're not afraid to hike, and not afraid to huck. Neither is your boot. Skiing is about having fun, and if you don't understand that, go join the ski patrol.

All-Mountain Cruiser
In skiing, as in life, you like to be in control. You can handle black diamonds, but if you want death-defying thrills you'll rent "Diehard." Skiing is about getting outside, getting the blood pumping, being with friends and family. The ideal boot delivers a sleek blend of high-end style and comfort, with just enough performance to make you look good.

Player/Aspiring Carver
You could do that¿if you could just find the time to practice. You're a good athlete, hoping to become a better skier, but for now you're content to push your limits gradually. And you know what you want in a boot: forgiveness and comfort at a price that won't inflict a lot of discomfort.

You ski with your teeth clenched, your DIN cranked to double digits. You're a race freak¿one of the few, the proud, the weird enough to choose skiing an icy racecourse over the rest of the mountain. Performance is everything, and the boot you need has the guts to deliver when every fraction of a second counts.