Brighton Has Last Olympic Word


Brighton, UT Jan. 20--Brighton Ski Resort'sbillboards proclaiming it the "Proud host of ZERO Olympic events" and that"It doesn't take an Olympic Committee to get you into this school"-toutingits Ski & Board School-have been replaced by the resort as a result of arequest from the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC). But the billboards aremaintaining a humorous tone.

Both the USOC and Brighton decided to avoidgoing to court over the matter, so Brighton's new billboard ads will read,"No wonder we can't afford to be sued. Ski passes $35 at Brighton" and "Noone can take offense at this: Ski passes $35 at Brighton." According toSalt Lake Organizing Committee (SLOC) spokesperson Caroline Shaw, thelatter billboard is accurate in that the SLOC doesn't take offense.