Brighton Incites USOC


Brighton, UT, Nov. 2, 2000 (SAM Magazine)–Brighton Ski Resort is once again in trouble with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) forcopyright problems. Last year, after Brighton declaredon billboards that it was the “proud host of zeroOlympics,” and that it “doesn’t take an OlympicCommittee to get you into this school,” the USOCdemanded that the resort stop using the Olympic nameand threatened lawsuit. Brighton acquiesced andpulled the billboards and radio spots.

However, it didn’t take long for the irreverent resortto come up with a new plan of attack. This time,Brighton’s Website, www.Brightonupthegames.com, cameunder fire, as well as the ski area’s use of fiveoverlapping Brighton logos that bring to mind theOlympic rings. In a letter dated October 30, the USOCdemanded the ski resort take down the billboards andremove the Web name or risk a federal lawsuit.

Brighton responded with the following:

“While Brighton has not done anything to violate theUSOC’s rights, in the spirit of cooperation, goodwill,and support for the Olympics and its athletes, Brightonwill stop using the Brighton trademarked snowflake logoin a grouping of five. We are disappointed in theUnited States Olympic Committee position and hope thatour show of good faith will put an end to thisdisagreement.”