Bring on the Brown

Cold Front

In an effort to replace the reliable snowpack that global warming is preventing, ski-resort managers in Australia and Arizona have taken the desperate measure of purifying sewage wastewater and blasting it out of snow guns. Naturally, ski-resort boosters are all gaga over so-called brown snow, noting that disinfected septic juices are harmless, inoffensive, and even "used on school playgrounds." For more objective feedback, we hit the streets to hear what the every-skier thinks.

Joey Koslowski, nightclub owner, Patterson, NJ : "Doesn't bother me. I ski on shit all winter, anyway."

Hillary Liebovich, student, New York, NY: "I've been pissing away my money on lift tickets for years, so this comes as no surprise."

Stephan Swanson, investment banker,Montpelier, VT : ;"Don't tell the Canadians. Those people eat anything."

Chuck Schwindt, massage therapist Boulder, CO: "Wow, that's crazy. My guru's been telling me that that's how essential oils are made, but I never believed him."

Chloe Ratner, liftie, Alta, UT: "Snow guns? What's a snow gun?"

Dale Lund, Insurance salesman, Kalamazoo, MI: "That's great news! I can't wait for the next big dump."