Bula Celebrates Quarter Century at SIA


(Montreal, Canada) January 7, 2007 — The year was 1983, and a snow-style revolution was born when an independently-distributed brightly colored fleece headband became all the rage, pioneering a craze that launched a small Colorado-based company, Bula, out of obscurity to the peak of piste fashion. Pioneered by former Ski Racer Greg Bardin out of a Durango, Colorado garage, Bula's designs became hugely popular commodities both on-and-off the slopes, defining functional sport accessories in the Jams and Varnet era. Today, Bula is the largest and most recognized snow accessories brand in the world.

The Bula brand played a major role in the shifting sensibility for on-mountain style in a time when the stodgy knit hat was the dominant paradigm. Bula's colorful prints and bright graphics came at the perfect time during the colorful 80's becoming wildly popular as the alternative for bundling up.

"When I started this company out of my garage in Durango Colorado 25 years ago, I never imagined it would one day be the largest cold weather accessory manufacturer in North America, said Bula president and co-founder Greg Bardin. "I'm incredibly grateful to the snow community for supporting our brand and allowing us to remain core to our roots.

The Bula (pronounced boo-la) brand derives its name from a Fijian expression "Bula Bula, which means "Good life, health and happiness, a philosophy reflected in every element of the brand's DNA. From its talented and staff and roster of hard charging athletes who revere both their work and play, to its colorful and innovative approaches to design and marketing, the "Bula name has built a mantra into a platform for global success. From hats, scarves and base layers, to socks and cold-weather fleece accessories, the brand expanded categories incrementally to become the complete, full service winter accessory brand driven by technology, lifestyle and fashion it is today.

Bula will celebrate its' landmark birthday in style at the upcoming SIA trade show with an in-booth Tiki-themed sliver anniversary party. The festivities will begin at 4:00 p.m. on the second day of the show, January 30, 2008. Lucky attendees will enjoy frosty beverages and will walk away with throwbacks to original Bula designs including sweet retro hats and way cool shades.

With design inspirations running the gamut, Bula has fresh and original accessories for every cold weather sensibility, from technical skiers and riders, to casual consumers. Look for graphically-driven hats, beanies, earbands, scarves, socks and first layer pieces all constructed with the finest quality yarns and insulating materials available. Bula is proudly celebrating this landmark year by introducing its most comprehensive and innovative collection of winter snow accessories for men, women and children to date, including a retro-inspired limited-edition 25th Anniversary offering.

About Bula Snow Accessories:
'Bula', a Fijian expression meaning "hello, peace and cheers', is also the brand name for the Montreal-based premier snow sports accessory brand and manufacturer of winter headwear, socks, and base layers. Bula's motto, "To live the good life permeates all that we do, and is reflected in a product line that offers a wide variety of styles stressing high quality at a great price. Bula's design team comes from a storied background within the industry with strong roots to snowboard, ski and beach culture. To learn more visit: bulabula.com www.bulabula.com.