By the Numbers: October 2002

By the numbers
By the numbers: October 2002

1,000,000,000 cans of Red Bull bought worldwide, as reported by the BBC. The story focused on the fact that the Swedish National Food Administration (NFA) had issued a public warning against drinking Red Bull mixed with alcohol, particularly vodka-a popular skiers' swill-after reports of at least three people who died after drinking it. "It's just a precaution," the NFA's Anders Glynn told the BBC.

400 number of Tahoe locals who held hands, forming a quarter-mile-long line on top of Squaw for a Michael Jackson video shoot.

99 dollars each hand-holder was paid to sing, "All cry, same time tonight" for eight hours.

.5 seconds of the Squaw footage that made it into the video.

295 cost, in dollars, for one of the customized, 75-pound, cast-iron manhole covers the city of Vail is now selling, after a number of them were stolen from its streets.