Celebrating Warren Miller's Fifty


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Boulder, CO, Nov. 2–Half a century ago ski bum Warren Miller first took an 8mm camera to the ski slopes, and today skiers around the world are lining up for the debut of his fiftieth film, aptly named “Fifty.”

Year after year, Warren Miller’s high-energy ski films have introduced the sport to countless numbers of people while also recharging avid skiers’ love for the sport. Catching the latest Warren Miller film has become a staple of the skier’s pre-season ritual. The movies have also given rise to a genre of ski films and inspired countless other ski, snowboard, and winter-adventure films.

Warren Miller’s latest film, “Fifty,” is a montage of new scenes and old footage from his long career. Historical segments recount major changes in the sport of skiing and in the attitudes of skiers.

Exotic ski locations from Alaska’s Chugach Range above Prince William Sound to Innsbruck, Australia depict spectacular moments in skiing. New tricks including the high altitude high jinx and innovations like twin tip skis reveal the sport’s continuous dynamic nature. As Warren Miller captures triumphant scenes of people continually pushing the limits, he also reveals a few failed if not humorous attempts too.

“However we have changed your life in the last 50 years,” Warren Miller says in Fifty’s closing. “In the next 50 years, we look forward to doing the same thing.”