Construction Update for April 2006


>April 3rd: Forming footings and placing rebar in preparation for the placing of concrete tomorrow!

>4th: Finally pouring concrete; placed 144 Cubic Yards of concrete in the footings. This house is sitting on solid rock. I read somewhere, in a good book, about "building your foundation on rock".

>5th: Footing crew is back to remove the forms and load trailers to make room for the foundation crew and forms.

>6th: It snowed overnight and during the day. Shoveled of newly poured footings. Unable to layout for wall due to weather.

>7th: Surveyor came to place the points for the layout of all the wall corners. This is done by GPS to get exact locations of all points.

>10th: Foundation layout crew arrived to get wall heights and order all of the rebar for the wall construction. Layout complete and ready for the wall panels.

>11th: I guess this would not be a "Ski Dream House" with out snow, but give us a break. Four more inches of the "greatest snow on earth" this morning.

>12th: Crane lifted the forming material into the hole. Forming begins

>13th: Foundation crew has begun tying rebar and forming.

>14th: More forming.

Week of April 17th~21st:

Had heavy snow and wind on Monday, Foundation crew worked on the foundation walls all week, had the first concrete pour on the walls on Wed. The rest of the week went well continued forming.

Week of April 24th~28th:

Had an inspection on Monday in preparation of the next concrete pour set for Tuesday. Tuesday pour went well, continued forming Wed and Thurs. Finished pouring the 24' high wall on Friday afternoon.

Week of May 1st ~ 5th

Formed Monday and Tuesday, made final pour on wall Wed. afternoon. The foundation crew will spend the balance of the week stripping the wall forms and loading up the forms moving out. Waterproofing the foundation walls is scheduled for Friday. Gravel is beginning to be delivered Friday in preparation of backfilling starting on Monday.