Contributors: February 2002 - Ski Mag

Contributors: February 2002

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Emily Miller has written and directed the one-page Ski Fit exercises that have appeared in SKI the past two seasons. She is a ski trainer who splits her time between Crested Butte, Colo., and San Francisco, where she is a consultant to The Stone Clinic. Miller, who is an avid skier, has worked with a broad range of athletes, from Olympic medalist Jonny Moseley to Bill Romanowski of the Denver Broncos. Her specialty is rebuilding injured athletes who have a big event coming up and producing a program that will allow them to reach their highest level of performance. "It's really about figuring out how to get in their heads," Miller says.

To close observers of ski competition, Hank McKee is a household name. He has been writing for Ski Racing magazine for two decades, covering everything from the junior race scene to freestyle and from the now-defunct Pro Tour to the World Cup. He has also compiled North America's largest data base of ski racing statistics, so if you want to know which woman from an Eastern bloc country has won the most downhill races on the World Cup on even days during the first half of January, just call Hank. He lives in the Vermont countryside with his wife, Mame, and they have four grown children. A decidedly anti-golfer, he nonetheless built an unusual 10-hole golf course on his streamside property and dubbed it the St. Divots Golf & Sledding Club. For this issue, Hank mixed his encyclopedic ski racing memory with his mischievous manner to write a fiction story, "The Downhill of the Gods." Would Sailer beat Killy? And what about Klammer and Kjus? Find out who wins clicking on Downhill of the Gods to your right.