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General overview of is the ultimate resource for the latest news on ski destinations, winter travel, the mountain lifestyle, gear and instruction. Home to a passionate community of skiers and winter enthusiasts, the website provides original content on everything that’s new and cool in snow country, including customized weather reports and exclusive travel and gear deals.

Pitches: Keep them short and sweet. What’s the bread-and-butter of the story? Why does it matter to the SKI reader? Cruise around our site for a while so you have a good idea of what sorts of stories we post. And don't send the story, already written. We won't read it.

Length: Must be short and web-friendly. No one wants to read a 2,000 word story on their computer screen. Keep the story short (500 words or less), and if you can include pictures or show us where to get them, even better. (We run lots of stories as photo galleries to make it easier for the user to click through quickly.)

Style: Lists and How To’s do really well, and we’ll break those up into a series of photos in a gallery. Anything with Top 10 or Best Whatever in the title will be a slam-dunk. On occasion, we’ll accept a profile on an athlete, a one-off gear/resort/movie review, or a longer feature. Just tell us how we can make it work for web—is there a video clip we can embed? A photo gallery to accompany? An interactive trail map worth including?

Lead time: The internet never sleeps, so we want stories that are timely, newsy, and relevant. What's happening today, tomorrow, or this weekend? That's what we'll cover.

Titles: Must be catchy and web-friendly. Don’t be too creative—just give the reader an obvious reason why they should click through. We can edit your title so it’s a better fit, but here examples of successful titles:

15 Best Bootfitters

Local’s Secrets to Skiing Squaw

How to Ski Rocker

2011’s Warmest Jackets

Get Fit with the U.S. Ski Team

Dek: A catchy intro that displays right below the title. Here’s where you can get creative and dig into what the story will cover, if you weren’t able to do so in the title.

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