Contributors: January 2000

From the Top

Lee Cohen grew up in Queens, started skiing at age 5 and spent a good deal of his youth on the slopes of Hunter Mountain, N.Y., and southern Vermont. Seeking bigger mountains and challenges, he moved to Utah in 1981 and spent five seasons as a serious ski bum, never holding down a full-time job. Lee now resides in skiers' nirvana at the base of Utah's Little Cottonwood Canyon, about a 10-minute drive from Snowbird and Alta. Lee's photography has appeared regularly in SKI since the early Nineties, but he won't hesitate to tell you his all-time favorite work: shooting Robert Redford for this issue's interview with the legend movie star. "He was a couple, three hours late. We sat around while the light and snow went bad. Once he showed up, he was a very gracious host. He was wearing a bandana, and that really blew me away. He was just like a regular guy. It was fun to talk to him¿a liberal minded fellow in Utah."

Gary Hovland works out of his home in Leucadia, Calif., an oceanside hamlet north of San Diego. While he admits he does a lot more surfing than skiing these days, he's looking forward to the time when his two children get older and he can find time to hit the slopes. Gary draws the illustrations for Peter Shelton's column, "Mountain Chronicle," and that just makes matters worse. "Every time I read one I just wish I was skiing," he confides. Gary's work¿which he describes as "rich in detail, but loose and scratchy"¿has appeared in more than 400 magazines. He started drawing in grade school, when he and a friend would buy underground comic books and try to create their own figures.