Contributors: January 2001

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Indianapolis-based artist Chris Pyle is the first-and perhaps last-non-skiing contributor to be featured on this page. We looked beyond this notable shortcoming because his illustrations are clever and always spot on. That said, we still don't buy the lame excuse that he doesn't ski because he's fearful that he'll injure his creative fingers-digits which, admittedly, earn him good money not only as a highly sought after illustrator but as a top drummer for nationally acclaimed rock-and-roll and jazz bands. Chris is the regular illustrator for SKI's Savvy Traveler department. "There's a lot of freedom at SKI. It's a relaxed group, and I like that," says Chris, whose work has appeared in countless publications, including Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Time, Newsweek and Fortune. He's also designed CD covers for bands such as Manhattan Transfer. Chris and his wife have a 14-year-old son. And if they ever decide to learn to ski or ride, perhaps at nearby Paoli Peaks, Ind., SKI will happily pick up the tab.

When Moira McCarthy was in the fifth grade, her teacher asked students to reveal what they wanted to be when they grew up. There was a chorus of predictable occupations such as "fireman," "lawyer" and "doctor." Then Moira proudly rose from her tiny little desk and declared: "I'm going to be a writer for SKI Magazine." She has lived out her dream. "When I run into old classmates, they still ask me about that. And of course I tell them that I do write for SKI," she says. Moira grew up in Edina, Minn., and learned to ski at Hyland Hills and Trollhaugen in Wisconsin. Her parents took her on frequent trips to Jackson, N.H., and Snowmass, Colo. Now, with a husband and two children, she gets to repeat the favor. "The reason I had kids was so I could ski with them," she laughs, only partly in jest. Moira caught her first break in the ski writing world while she was a crime reporter for a suburban Boston newspaper: She proposed a ski column, the editor bought it, and the rest is history. For this issue, Moira writes about a reborn resort in "Escape From Purgatory."