Contributors: May/June 2001

From the Top

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Brad Walker started skiing as a fourth grader in Eastern Washington, where he was part of the school ski club. Now, as the parent of three young boys, he’s looking forward to turning his children onto the sport. He’s also enjoying his work as the illustrator for John Fry’s “In My View” column. Brad attended art school in California, and after graduation he followed the advice of his colleagues to go find work in New York City. “With the fax machine and FedEx, I learned that I really didn’t need to do that,” Brad recalls. So he moved back to Kettle Falls, Wash., about 70 miles north of Spokane. Brad’s work is hard to miss: It’s full of energy and realistic detail that is backed up by his knowledge of the sport. Though he started as a purist working with drawings and oil painting, he now generates his illustrations on a computer that he initially bought to keep track of finances. Brad’s work also appears in several of SKI’s sister publications, including GOLF and Field & Stream.

At the age of 24, Henry Georgi, then a software engineer, made a fateful decision to take a year off to ski bum in Europe. “That,” explains Henry, “turned into two years…and then a lifetime.” Based in St. Anton, Austria, Henry began dabbling with ski photography, then pitched a story on the subject to Photo Life, a Canadian photography magazine. One of his photos ended up on the cover. “Photography had always been a hobby, but I never saw it as a way to make a living. That cover gave me the crazy notion that I could actually make a living at this.” Henry ultimately moved to the Northeast, which isn’t exactly a bastion of ski photographers. But he managed to carve out a living shooting in Quebec, Ontario and New England. Eight years ago he decided to go west, and settled in Fernie, B.C., a town with great skiing and an abundance of water sports and mountain biking, which Henry shoots in the summer. Henry has had dozens of photos published in SKI, including this issue’s cover, which was shot at Silver Springs Lake near Fernie.