Contributors: October 2001

From the Top

You should thank Rick Schafer for being so meticulous. Rick is the stepson of the late Ray Atkeson, a lover of the mountains who pioneered Western ski photography with his six-pound Speed Graphic camera in the Thirties, Forties and Fifties. “I decided I’d try to follow in his footsteps,” Rick says. Besides serving a 12-year apprenticeship with Ray, Rick also dedicated himself to being the curator of Ray’s early wide- format negatives of skiing and winter scenery. The result is a new book of Ray’s photos-Ski & Snow Country-that are accompanied by insightful text by SKI columnist Warren Miller, a friend of Ray’s and someone who also had success with another type of camera. “I couldn’t have asked for a better match,” says Rick. Excerpts from the coffee-table book appear in an eight-page photo essay beginning on page 216. Meanwhile, Rick has been prolific and successful in following Ray’s lead in shooting the Western outdoors, but he’s been reluctant to take his camera to the ski hill. “I’d rather ski than shoot skiing-and you can’t do both.” Well said.

Krista Crabtree has lent her considerable talents to SKI as an intern and then part-time editor since we moved to Boulder four years ago. This summer, we finally had the opportunity to make the relationship full-time. As a new associate editor, Krista will help oversee Instruction and Style-two areas in which she has ample expertise. Krista is a New Hampshire native who raced on the NCAA ski team at Bates College in Maine, competed on the Women’s Pro Tour and now coaches juniors in her spare time. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado, and has modeled skiwear for publications around the world-gaining experience on both sides of the lens. For this issue, Krista collaborated with SKI Instruction Director Stu Campbell to compile SKI’S Top 100 Instructors list.